Bianca Kajlich

Bianca Kajlich is an actress and model probably best known for her roles as Jennifer on the comedy “Rules of Engagement” and as Leslie on “Undateable.” Her last name is pronounced Ky-lick. And in 2007, she was ranked #63 on the Maxim Hot 100.

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Bianca Kajlich is a beautiful blend of Italian and Slovak descent.


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Born in Seattle, Washington, she later attended Washington University in Pullman, Washington. Bianca actually began her career as a ballerina at the Olympic Ballet Theatre, where she landed roles in The River, Swan Lake and The Nutcracker.


Bianca Kajlich then segued into acting. “The good thing about it was I so naïve that I never even considered the idea I would fail. So I blindly set out to do it and I guess that’s the right way to go about it.” Her first acting role was for Kragen Auto Parts, but she quickly landed several guest spots on shows such as “Boston Public” and “Dawson’s Creek.” Apparently, she’s not able to scream, so her screams in the film “Halloween: Resurrection” were dubbed.


Her road to Hollywood, however, was not easy. Bianca Kajlich was down to $20 in her bank account and she was prepared to return to Seattle to try work in another field when she got a call that she’d been cast in the film “Bring It On.” Seems the production let someone go and she was the replacement. She said, “That’s literally been the story of my career. I’m always the second choice. And you know what? I’m more than happy to be that person.”


She also has numerous tattoos. “I’ve got them all over the place.” When asked if that was a good thing, she responded, “I guess it is to the people who get to see them.”


In 2014, Bianca Kajlich gave birth to a baby girl, Magnolia, from her relationship with husband Michael Catherwood.


As for her outlook on life, she said, “Everyone is truly going through things, fighting their own battle. Why we make it so difficult for others is beyond me because we’re all in it together and that’s the truth.” She currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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