Beth Williams

Beth Williams is a model probably best known for her appearance in Playboy as Playmate of the Month Miss August 2012. Her measurements are 34C-25-34 and she weighs 119 lbs. Her idol is Marilyn Monroe.

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Born in Athens, Ohio, Beth Williams was raised on a dairy farm in rural Southeastern Ohio. As a child, she enjoyed the outdoors and played in inter-scholastic sports. After she graduated high school, she attended Ohio University and majored in Health Administration and Long-term Health Care Administration, while earning a certificate in Gerontology. She said she might go back to school to get a doctorate so she can teach. “For now, I want to save money from my modeling jobs to open a nursing home. My mom and aunts are all nurses, and my sister is a physical therapist. The idea would be to have all of them work there with me.”


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Once she graduated college, she began modeling and modeled for Bed Bath and Beyond, Macy’s, among other companies. She landed in Playboy after submitting her pictures. “Luckily everyone in my family and friends have been really, really supportive.”


Beth Williams said she can’t stand a guy "who takes longer than I do to get ready to go out." She told Playboy “Summer is my favorite season! I love to live of the land, garden and bake, so it’s the perfect time for me. I can run outside and grab some basil for bruschetta or blueberries for a pie.”  She spends each June, July and August on her 38-acre home in rural Ohio, which has a fishing pond, vegetable and herb garden. “Living out in the sticks we have to create our own fun. My friends and I love to go tubing down the Ohio River, drive around in four-wheelers, build campfires and go cabrewing – what we call taking out a canoe and drinking beer.”


Her turns-ons are a “man with a strong work ethic who is confident and funny and can fix a flat tire.” She added, “They have to be taller than me. When I wear heels, I’m ginormous.”


Beth doesn’t like scary movies, either. “Why pay to have nightmares? Put on ‘Superbad’ and let’s laugh.” Her guilty pleasure is cookie dough. “Sometimes when I’m baking, more dough ends up in my mouth than in the oven.”


“I like being from a small town. I feel you get a lot of morals and values, and I want my kids to know what it’s like to work hard and how lucky they are to have a little bit of money. I definitely want to instill strong work ethic in them.”


Beth Williams splits her time between Los Angeles, Ohio and Miami.

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