Azealia Banks

Sometimes known as Miss Bank$ or Yung Rapunxel, Azealia Banks is a rapper/songwriter in the news most recently for a beef she has with rapper T.I. Azealia caused the kerfuffle first by saying T.I.’s wife had “meth face” and “can’t read.” T.I. escalated by calling Azealia a “gremlin-baby” and threatened “I WILL END YOU.” As of this posting, Azealia replied she was going to sue him for threatening her.

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Azealia Banks is no stranger to social media feuds. Her other beefs include Perez Hilton, Lily Allen and Lady Gaga, whom Azealia accused of stealing the song “Red Flame” from her. The latest Instagram beef aside, Azealia is known for her debut single “212" and her mix tape Fantasea. She is scheduled to release her album this summer.


Raised in Harlem, New York, as a kid she attended LaGuardia High School of Music & Art. She got signed as an actress after an agent saw her perform in “City of Angles”. She dropped out of high school to focus on her music career. In 2008, she released her music through MySpace and was signed to XL Recordings when she was 17.


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As for her hit “212,” Azealia Banks said it “makes fun of everything and my reactions to it. I think that’s a lot of the reason why people relate to it so much, because everybody wants to say FU.”


She opened up about her past in where she said her father was a cokehead and after he died her mother “lost her mind” and became physically abusive. Azealea would dream that “I would become famous and be on Nickelodeon and have all these handlers.”


Growing up, she said she was a better rapper than the boyfriend she was trying to impress. And she was better than her boyfriend’s friends ( Azealia Banks agreed there weren’t that many good female rappers. “There are certain things in society that are gender-oriented – it’s such an anomaly to be a female rapper…that’s whey female rappers are more exciting because it’s like, ‘Girl’s doing something a man can do and she’s stronger and better and feminine and beautiful, too” (


Azealia Banks identifies as bisexual. “I’m not trying to be, like, the bisexual lesbian rapper. I don’t live on other people’s terms.” She revealed, however, she loves white guys and has written songs “about how much she likes ‘marshmallows’” (


Azealia Banks is currently single and resides in New York City.

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