Ayanna Jordan

Ayanna Jordan calls herself a "Flame-throwing Indian Princess."

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She was born in Bombay, India, but she and her family moved to Southern California when she was two. Ayanna has been back to India only once, but would like to go back more often once she has the time and money. She is most known as a semi-finalist for Maxim's "Hometown Hottie" competition, representing Placentia, California.

In an interview with importtuner.com, Ayanna Jordan related a story about being pulled over, "So I'm going 80, and in the fast lane, alone.and this guy merges and gets right in front of me out of nowhere. He has the whole entire road, but decides he needs to get in front of me and drive, like, 70. So I passed him " hard.I specifically looked for cops before I did it, too. But I guess I missed one, and he pulled me over.and then the cop starting hitting on me!"


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When asked what her biggest pet peeve is about her culture, Ayanna Jordan said, "The Kama Sutra! People always ask about it, if we practice it, and they think we're constantly having tantric sex or whatever " it's silly. There's so much more to Indian culture than just that. But regardless, I'm American now. I'm proud of my background, but I've lived here my whole life. I have an Orange County accent! Some guy even thought Indian chicks were supposed to be into other chicks. I was all, 'WTF?'"

Ayanna Jordan is straight, but can admit when other girls are hot. She calls it "professional courtesy." Ayanna Jordan considers herself a "huge nerd. I used to work at Game Stop and once had a serious addiction to Bio Shock."

Not only does Ayanna Jordan model, but she also sings. Fans can check out her vocals on her website. She has also made an appearance on the hit show, "CSI."

When asked what's in store for the future, Ayanna Jordan said, "I'd like to put in enough hours for a SAG card, but acting and modeling are really just a way for me to sneak into the record industry."

Ayanna Jordan does warn that there are creeps in modeling. "There are a lot of shady 'promoters' out there who girls need to watch out for. It can be a dangerous business if you don't have a good head on your shoulders."

Ayanna Jordan is available via Model Mayhem for photoshoots. She has piercings in her ear and belly button, but they can be removed.

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