Avril Lavigne

You know her. You’ve heard her songs. She’s Avril Lavigne, known for her singles “Complicated,” “Sk8er Boi,” and “I’m With You.” She’s also one of the biggest selling musicians worldwide with global album sales of over 37 million as of 2013.

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Avril Lavigne is a mix of French-Canadian, English, Scottish and German ancestry. She grew up in a rural area of Ontario in a religious household and began performing music in her church. “My mom wouldn’t let me sing ‘Strawberry Wine’ because it had ‘wine’ in it.”


As a teen, she learned how to play the guitar and began creating her own music. When she was 14, she won a radio contest to sing with Shania Twain. That helped her land an Arista record deal with she was 16. Supposedly, she originally considered a career in country and folk music, but segued into punk rock because of its lucrativeness.


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She said she felt as if she’d “really made it” when she won her first MTV music award in 2002. “It was special because it was my first.”


Avril Lavigne said her type of guy was “boys with guitars…they’re really f*cking hot. That rock kind of guy with skaterish punk style. I could never date a preppy guy with button-down shirts…I like guys who are short and kind of small, because I’m short…guys are babies and I like to feel like I am being taken care of.” She added that the key to a successful relationship was “communication. To be completely, one hundred percent honest…even if you cheat, you should tell the other person. They deserve to know.”


As far as getting older, Avril Lavigne said, “I’ll always be young at heart and have a free spirit…for me, I actually had to grow up quick being in this industry so young.”


On her bucket list is to make a Christmas record.


She was among one of the many female celebrities who had their iCloud accounts hacked. As of this posting, she had yet to respond.


She said, “For me, now, at this stage of my life, I chose to stay on the positive because that outweighs the negative. I’m here and I’m living my dream. I always loved singing as a very young girl, and now I get to sing on stage and have people around the world know my music.”


Aside from music, she launched a fragrance, as well as her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn. A tidbit? There’s a pizza named after her in her hometown of Napanee, Ontario.


She is divorced from Deryck Whibley. Avril Lavigne married Nickelback singer and guitarist Chad Kroeger in 2013.

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