Aspen Rae

Aspen Rae is a webcam model, Penthouse Pet, Miss Howard TV of the Year and Twistys Treat. That's saying a lot for a girl who described herself as bisexual and an "energetic bubbly girl born and raised in California who loves to travel." She's currently living in Germany "trying to experience the life of a European while living outside my comfort zones." She's also a big fan of instant gratification. 

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Aspen Rae's measurements are 32B-23-32 and she is a mix of Italian, Scottish and Native American ancestry. She listed her occupation as professional masturbator and she can eat sushi all day, every day. She started webcamming the month after she turned 18. "I had to put myself through college. I applied EVERYWHERE for a job, and couldn't get one. Not even at a fast food place! 2008 was a rough year for finding jobs." When she's not webcamming, she likes extreme sports. "I just can't seem to get enough adrenaline rushes!"


As for her parents, Aspen Rae said, "I am lucky to have very supportive parents. I told them after almost a year after I started webcamming. Growing up in a religious household, I was terrified they would disown me. They supported my choices and say they are proud :) My mom went out to buy my Penthouse as soon as she heard it was on the stands! I consider myself very fortunate to have such awesome parents."


When asked what sexual fantasy she would most like to experience in real life, she said, "Anal orgasm. I've heard it's a real thing. Can't confirm." Aspen Rae used to wear nipple rings, but said, "They were fun while they lasted, but after years of abuse from getting caught in the loofah, I had to give them up."


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Aspen Rae said she doesn't feel the need to change or modify her body beyond working out and building muscle. "Plastic surgery isn't something I ever plan to do."


Guys, take note. As for potential mates, she said, “I like older guys especially guys into music and if he plays guitar or another instrument that is even better. Sexually a man needs to master p*ssy eating but that goes without saying. A man should pay attention to me, read my signs and body language to master me.”


Aspen Rae is originally from Northern California, but is spending an indefinite amount of time in Germany. She is currently single.

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