Ashley Sky

Ashley Sky is a Miami-born model probably best known for her sexy Instagram shots. She’s been featured in numerous Internet sites and was in the running to be the next SnorgTees Girl.

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Ashley Sky's measurements are 34C-23-33 and she is a mix of Brazilian and Native American ancestry. She is a self-described shoe freak.


Her turn-ons include height, good style, nice smile, humor, and “nothing gets me more than a sweet talker.” Her turn-offs include cockiness, huge muscles, hair gel, wrinkled clothes, dirty shoes, catcalls and “anyone that has the same job title as me.”


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Ashley Sky is dedicated to her yoga and Pilates, so “flexibility is somewhat of a talent.” She is proud of her natural breasts and expects to become a top model in the coming years. “I am completely natural and it is actually something I’m sometimes self-conscious about because I am so tiny.”


She enjoys good music, frozen yogurt, hot tea, Pilates, cuddling with her boyfriend and watching “Dexter.”


Ashley Sky stays in shape by stretching and squats but also “dancing in front of the mirror at least 20 minutes a day.” She also equates healthy eating with healthy living.


She doesn’t have a back-up plan if modeling doesn’t work out as a “Plan B is asking for failure.” She landed with the Wilhelmina agency when they discovered her from photos they saw online. But she is no longer with them. “Despite their name they are not good representation for full-time models & people who are trying to go places in this industry.”


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When asked in a questionnaire, Ashley said she would rather date a rabid chimpanzee than "a man who takes longer to get ready than I do." She added, "I would be embarrassed if you looked in my old yearbooks and saw that I had braces, frizzy hair and a serious lack of style."


She added that fame scares her. Ashley Sky resides in Miami, Florida.

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