Ashley Doris

Ashley Doris Wilson aka Ashley Doris is a model probably best known for being Playboy's Playmate Miss March 2013. Apparently, she is the first ever Playmate from the State of Connecticut. Her measurements are 32C-22-34.

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Ashley Doris is a mix of Spanish, English, German and African-American ancestry. She grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, a town she describes as family-oriented, where her elementary, middle-school and college were all within a 3-mile radius of each other. In high school, she was a bookworm introvert and then morphed into an “alternative” girl. “If someone had asked when I was 14 what I would be doing at this stage in my life, I never…would have guessed this.”


She’s been a model since she was 19, and her modeling hero is Tyra Banks. Ashley Doris landed in Playboy after competing in a bikini content in Las Vegas and discovered that Playboy casting was being held in the same hotel. The casting director thought she was there for casting and waved her over.


Ashley later hosted the Tropic Beauty World Finals competition. “I’ve come full circle and gone from contestant to finalist to host. A lot has changed in a year.” She has modeled in ads for Hasbro, Coppertone, W Hotels, among others.


Her turn-ons include a guy “who understands my frisky humor and loves to get down on the dance floor with me.” Her turn-offs are “liars. Don’t white-lie to make yourself seem cooler than you really are. Honesty is not the only best policy, it’s SEXY.”


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Ashley Doris thinks the perfect kiss is “moist and warm, in sync (no lizard tongues please) and comes naturally.” And her grand passion is making people food. “It’s my way of showing love.” Her ambitions are to get her college degree, own a real estate business and host parties as a Playmate.


As for moving out West, she said, “I’ve never spent a winter away before in my life, it’s the first time I can go outside without a big coat and boots on!”


Aside from modeling, she loves gardening and once worked as a florist. She also loves Cockatoos. Over her life, she has cared for “five dogs, sixteen cats, one lizard, one frog, a bunch of tag poles, and a whole mess of goldfish.”


She also loves dance, and with her 15 years experience of jazz, and other styles, it’s a surprise she didn’t go into dance instead of modeling. 


Ashley Doris resides in Los Angeles, California.

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