Ashley Alexiss

Ashley Alexiss is a model who hails from Boston and is killing it on social media. Closing in on nearly 200K followers on Instagram, she's a sight to behold: 36DDD-29-39. She's also a non-nude Playboy model, though we hope she changes her tune on the non-nude part. And if you think she's all sight and no substance, think again. She created her own breast cancer campaign by the name of Cleavage for the CURE in 2012. 

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As for the first thing she notices in men, Ashley Alexiss said, "I'm so big on first impressions, you want to come off perfect to someone, and that's the best someone will be for you. If you can't impress me than you probably never will. I notice their confidence in who they are and their chivalry skills."


Her turn-ons are confidence. "It's amazing when a man is confident in himself yet not cocky." Her turn-offs are egos. "Boys, you're not making up for what you lack in other departments by being a jerk who thinks he's king of the world." If her boyfriend were to ever propose to her, she would want him to include "a penguin, a live one, someway, somehow."


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Her best beauty secret is to a smile. "A smile makes a girl beautiful." When she has spare time, Ashley Alexiss sleeps. "I never sleep much when I work so I get that in when I have a spare minute or two."


Ashley Alexiss thinks her personality matches her Zodiac sign. "I'm a Sagittarius. I actually have it tattooed on the back of my neck. I'm independent, outgoing, and I love to travel, which best describe the archer."


As for the best present she ever recieved, she said, "My Mom has given me the most support and to me, that’s a gift all on its own. It means so much to have your family support your hopes and dreams. The best present I've ever given was flying home 3000 miles, when I went to school in California, to surprise my Mom without her knowing. We spent months apart. It was tough."


Ashley Alexiss is currently single and resides in Boston, though she travels frequently.

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