Ashlee Adams

Ashlee Adams is a seeming jack-of-all-trades. She’s a model, ZOO Weekly Sexpert, and sometimes DJ. Per her Twitter, she added, she’s also a bacon enthusiast, YouTuber, Xbox Gamer and always partying.

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Ashlee Adams was the ZOO Weekly magazine covergirl, the 2011 Australian Penthouse Pet of the Year, and the Face of the Sydney Tattoo and Body Art Expo 2012, among other accolades. As she would admit, “I guess I’m just a girl with a talent for social media who managed to turn that into some pretty awesome magazine modeling work.”


Ashlee Adams admitted that her name is fake “because that’s what all strippers do, but as I delved further into magazine/modeling/social media world, it has definitely become an almost entirely separate part of my personality that I have a somewhat bizarre love/hate relationship with. I guess Ashlee is just an extension of the real me.”


She said on her tumblr that guys never hit on her because they’re scared of rejection. “I become insecure because nobody ever hits on me and I feel undesirable so therefore I never hit on anyone cos I’m scared they’ll reject me…and thus it goes.”


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Ashlee Adams wrote, as of June 2013 that she’s not sure if she’s ever been in love before. “I’ve had two long term boyfriends in the past but I guess deep down I always knew that it wasn’t a forever thing and both relationships were ended by me due to boredom.”


One of her favorite movies is the Spanish horror film “The Orphanage.”


Ashlee Adams said she’s never done porn and “I don’t even like having sex on camera in my private life. I have absolutely zero interest in doing porn. The only way anyone is ever gonna see me having sex is if they’re having sex with me.”


When asked about becoming a fitness model, she said she wasn’t interested and was bored by people who talk about protein and carbs all day.


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She moved briefly to West Hollywood, CA, but moved back to Australia due to the cost of living and the restrictions placed on her visa.


When asked about her age Ashlee said, “old enough to probably think about trying to settle down…and young enough to still be having too much fun to give a f*ck.” She also thinks she will never have children.


Ashlee Adams admitted to plastic surgery, and said her breasts cost $12K. She also thinks people don’t take her seriously because of her tattoos and her profession. “These are the main reasons I believe it is very likely I will die alone with 20 cats.”


Ashlee Adams lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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