Arekah, or Arekah Collard, is an American model born and raised in Southern California who has been on featured in magazines and ad campaigns in the US.

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On top of appearing in ads for Bacardi, Honda, Old Spice and many others, Arekah has decided in recent years to begin to build her own brand, of sorts.

AUTOCULT will be featuring Arekah as January in their upcoming 2013 calendar.

Unlike some of her peers, Arekah embraces social media, both as a promotional tool but also as a way to genuinely express herself. She posts on her facebook every time she sees one of her latest spreads, and if you take a gander at her blog youll see entry upon entry of her views on life.


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Once a fan of the micro blogging site Tumblr, which was once a pet project of hers, Arekah has created a full website featuring fashion reviews, daily journals and, of course, photos. In it you can find recaps of fashion week, photo shoots from the publications around the world that Arekah feels represent her personal style.

Shes starred in commercials for Best Buy and Palm cell phones but also has gone into business for herself. Shes started a separate website for her styling services called Arekah Inc. where she preps celebrities and models for photo shoots. Her list of clients included Recording Artist B.O.B., Brooke Hogan, and actresses Carla Gallo and Curb Your Enthusiams Cheryl Hines.

Low Rider magazine says she didnt begin modeling until after college. Luckily for her she had a jump start because she graduated High School at only 16-years-old.

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