Anahi Giovanna Puente Portilla, aka Anahi is a Mexican singer-songwriter and actress. She was also a member of the band RBD, who were nominated for a Latin Grammy and sold over 20 million records. As a solo artist, Anahi has sold around three million albums.

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Anahi started her career in entertainment as a young girl. At two, she acted on “Chiquilladas.” Other roles followed, including several telenovelas. In 2001, she was cast in “Primer Amor,” a teen-oriented soap opera, and the highest rated in its time-slot. She later appeared in “Rebelde Way,” which had over 400 episodes.


It was actually the success of “Rebelde” that started RBD. The band released 9 studio albums and toured the world.


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Aside from singing and acting, Anahi battled anorexia and at her lowest point weighted around 75 pounds. She visited five different treatment centers, and her heart even stopped once for eight seconds. She later took part in a documentary for Nat Geo where she spoke about her condition, how she overcame it, and the hell she suffered through fighting it. Anahi also launched a campaign in 2008 for Anorexia-Bulimia awareness.


In 2006, Anahi fought a tax fraud charge, winning back her financial accounts after the Mexican government froze them.


In 2007, a Barbie doll version of Anahi was released based on her character in “Rebelde.”


In 2011, she became the image of Snickers in Latin America. That same year, she entered a hospital for emergency surgery because not enough oxygen was reaching her brain. Many people believed the story was just a cover for her to have a nose job.


In 2012, Anahi began dating the governor of the state of Chiapas. That same year Maxim named her “One of the World’s Sexiest Women.”


Anahi’s latest solo album is set for release in 2013, however the single “Absurda” is available.


Anahi resides in Mexico.

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