Ana Braga

Ana Braga is a Brazilian born model who now calls Las Vegas home. She has been featured in Playboy Romania and is a Playmate in Playboy Brazil. You may also recognize her from appearances in FHM Spain, and Fighters Only SA. Her measurements are 32D-24-33. She said, “Fitness is my life, I like to look good but for the most part, I wanna stay healthy.”

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Ana Braga is a mix of Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish ancestry. She described her personality as “fun, funny, creative, tenacious, loyal and impatient.” She is now an American citizen.


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Per her website, Ana Braga has been modeling all her life. Maybe it’s in her genes: her mother, aunt and grandmother were all models, too. She knew she wanted to model since she was a little girl, “trying to model like mommy in front of the mirror.” As for modeling she likes the attention and the end results. “I always get so happy to see good pictures of myself.”


Ana Braga has written for Southern Vixens in two different columns entitled “Ana’s Fits and Tips” and “Coffee with Ana.” As for writing, she said, “I love writing because people will get to know me for more than my looks. Looks will fade and what matters most is what one has to offer the world.”


She told that she hates when people don’t keep their word, but she loves honest, kind and confident people. She is motivated by her faith. “Life is a gift and you only live once!”


She thinks what separates her from other models is her depth. “I’m not shallow nor competitive. I have more to offer than only looks.”


Ana Braga is a certified Pilates instructor. She stays in shape by not smoking, staying away from drugs, drinking in moderation and wearing sunscreen. Her hobbies include reading, writing, shopping and working out.


As for men, Ana Braga is turned on by a great kiss, and she ranks her sexual performance as a 10. Her favorite position is missionary “so we can kiss lots!” Pick-up lines don't work for her. “We rather you guys act naturally.” She’s basically into a “best friend. Someone I’ll never tired of hanging out with…it’s important how a man treats me.”


Her motto in life is “Always be nice to people…you never know what people are going through.”

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