Amy Paffrath

Amy Paffrath, sometimes known by her married name, Amy Seeley, is an actress and TV host probably best known for her appearances on "Hollywood Minute" or MTV’s “Jersey Shore: After Hours.” Most recently, VH1 tapped her as host of its new reality series “Dating Naked.”

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Amy Paffrath has six siblings. As a young girl, she took gymnastics and dance. “I’m the second of 7 kids so I guess I’ve got a bit of the showboat middle child syndrome.” She got into broadcasting while in high school where she was a cheerleader, working full-time at Steak N’ Shake and producing scenes in the edit bay.


When she was 16, she landed a local modeling agent.


In 2001, Amy Paffrath attended college at University of Missouri-Columbia where she continued to cheerlead and majored in journalism. In 2003, she began reporting on-air for KOMU-TU. But it was in 2004 that she completed an internship with Entertainment Tonight that she got bitten by the Hollywood bug.


A couple years later, Amy Paffrath moved to Los Angeles, and landed commercials and hosting for E! News. She also works the occasional stand-up comedy gig. As for moving to LA, she said, “Any man who tells you he is a producer while handing you a cocktail is not going to advance your career! The most difficult thing to adjust to was the amount of time I spend in my car.”


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As for hosting, she said, “The easiest part for me is just being me in front of the camera. Letting personality shine through has always been easy for me. The hardest part is reading copy on the prompter and remembering to breath and to lower my register."


Amy Paffrath wrote on her blog, “I may have a dramatic career, but I choose to live life as drama free as possible. There is no time for pettiness or cattiness; life is too short. I believe in kindness, encouragement and the power of positive thinking.”


She shared that her ultimate goal is to become the female Ryan Seacrest. “I just want to be able to keep working, whether it be in films or as a host.” A bit of trivia: her favorite album is “Middle of Nowhere” by Hanson. “It makes me happy all the time.”


Amy Paffrath is married to Drew Seeley and they reside in Los Angeles.

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