Amy-Jane Brand

Amy-Jane Brand is a U.K.-born model who grew up in sunny Sydney, Australia. (She’s not to be confused with Amy Jane, another Australian model.) Her measurements are 32-26-34. Per her LinkedIn profile, she’s appeared in Zoo Weekly, Maxim and FHM Russia. She is a Brand Ambassador for Nena and Pasadena clothing.

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A few details: Amy-Jane Brand is a Christmas Eve baby, born on December 24, 1990 and is a gorgeous mix of English and Swedish ancestry. Though she loves Australia, she told that she was moving to Miami in 2014. (Her LinkedIn, however, states she's in Los Angeles. Either way, America is a grateful nation).


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Amy-Jane Brand knew she always wanted to be a model growing up. She claims music is her greatest influence, as well as her “inspiration folder, which contains all kinds of images.” A budding foodie, she loves her coffee in the morning, Italian food for dinner, and ice cream in the summer.


A tip, you guys: she doesn’t like staying in one place too long, and she’s not a fan of negative people. To get her talking, her interests include travel, fashion, art, food, fitness and passionate people. Her career aspirations are to become an internationally recognized model and sex symbol, like a new age Marilyn Monroe. We think she is well on her way.


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A bit of trivia: Amy-Jane Brand's favorite movies include “Scarface,” “Blow” and “most pornos.” Her favorite shows are “The Family Guy,” “Modern Family” and “The Amazing Race.” Continuing with her porn theme, she called Jenna Jameson’s autobiography one of her favorite books.


Her girl crushes include Scarlett Johansson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and her secret is that “I enjoy girls as well as boys.” When asked what her favorite gadget was, she said, “Is it okay to say my vibrator??”


While she used to run a blog, it has since been removed as of this article. Amy-Jane Brand is currently not married, but we're pretty sure a lovely lady of her caliber is far from single.

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