Amy Childs

Amy Andrea Childs is a British reality star and beautician probably best known for her appearance on the English reality show “The Only Way is Essex.” On the show, she became popular for her vajazzle beauty kit.

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Though born in Barking, Amy Childs moved to Brentwood, Essex when she was six. She attended Raphael’s Independent Private School and was appointed Head Girl. She said, “You can ask all my friends…even if I had a hangover, I would always put my make-up on! I’ve always, always, always been glam. I just do it to feel good about myself.”


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Amy Childs rose to fame in 2010 when she appeared on “The Only Way is Essex.” On the show, “I was totally myself, I never put on an act, and the banter was real. I never bitched about anyone, that’s not me.” She later appeared on “It’s All About Amy” in 2011, but the show wasn’t picked up after its initial first series.


Though she is a natural blonde, she is in no rush to lose her red locks. “I love my red hair. I think if I change, I don’t think people would take me seriously because everyone knows me as having red hair.” Amy admitted to getting Botox in her forehead and fillers in her lips. 


In 2011, she participated in the English version of “Celebrity Big Brother” and came in 4th place. When asked if she would ever become an actress, she said, “No way, never. I can’t act one bit! I love doing presenting.”


As for being in the public eye, she said, “I’m nice to the paps. It is hard sometimes, but they’re doing their jobs and I’m doing mine and you work together sometimes.”


Aside from her reality show success, Amy Childs launched her own fragrance, eyelashes, tanning range, a fitness DVD and calendar. “Being a businesswoman is what I love doing. You know, designing my own clothes, coming up with new ideas. My life has changed so much.”


As of 2013, Amy Childs lives with her mother, father and brother in Brentwood, Essex. “Home is my life. I love being at home. That’s why I’ve not moved out yet.” Home is, well…I love it!” When asked if she ever saw herself moving away from Essex, she said, “No never, never! I love Essex. End of.”

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