Amy Acker

Amy Acker is an American television and film actress best known for her roles on the series "Angel" and "Alias," and the film "Much Ado About Nothing." She frequently works with writer/director, Joss Whedon. 

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Amy Louise Acker was born in Dallas, Texas on December 5, 1976. She is the oldest of four children, including two sisters and a brother. When she was young, Amy loved to dance. She did so (specializing in ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance) for 13 years before hurting her knee while attending Lake Highlands High School in Dallas. The injury was serious enough to require surgery, as well as effectively put an end to her dancing career. So, her sophomore year of high school, Amy began to study acting, and enjoyed it quite much.


In 1995, Amy enrolled at Southern Methodist University, which was known for its renowned theater program. Amy earned her degree in the department while acting in local theater, and even playing a role on several episodes of the children's educational series, "Wishbone," for its fantasy segments. She also did some modeling work, including for "J. Crew" catalogs. After college, she continued working as a stage actress, first at the American Players Theatre in Spring Green, Wisconsin, then taking her talents to New York.


It wasn't until moving to Los Angeles, however, that Amy would catch her first major break in television, landing a spot on the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer' spin-off series, "Angel." This role continued to land her more work, as after her four seasons on the show, she landed a guest spot on the series "Supernatural," as well as lent her voice to the character of The Huntress on the popular children's cartoon, "Justice League." Let's not forget that she was cast as a new villain by the name of Kelly Peyton on J.J. Abram's "Alias," which again, gained her notoriety among television fans.


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Amy's work has continued to flow in steadily over the years. Since "Angel" and "Alias," she has held numerous guest spots on shows such as "How I Met Your Mother," "Grimm," and "Once Upon a Time," as well as recurring roles on "Dollhouse," "Happy Town," and "Person of Interest." As she also works steadily with Joss Whedon, she had back to back roles in his films "Cabin in the Woods" (2012) and "Much Ado About Nothing" (2013). 

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