Amanda Marie Scott

Amanda Marie Scott is a model probably best known as the Road Kill T-shirt model. Her measurements are 34E-26-36. She won “Best Boobs of the Day” as the Mammorial Day contest winner from 98 Rock and was the 2011 August True Sin Vixen of the Month, among many other credits. 

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Amanda Marie Scott was born in Bethesda, Maryland but she moved around a lot as her father was in the Navy. She has one sister. She only models as a hobby. She’s a full-time mother of two who works at an investment company. She told that her dream gig was fantasy type stuff, “but I’m also dying to rock a ‘stache’ and dress like a plumber.”


Amanda Marie Scott said she got into modeling because “I won my boobs from 93.3…and the station and my surgeon loved the results so much that they decided to feature me all over the website…I went on to win many other contests and the gigs just started pouring in!” (


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It’s no surprise, then, that she likes her boobs and eyes best about her body. She said she gets noticed a lot for her work. “All the freakin’ time. It’s scary AND flattering.”


As for modeling, Amanda Marie Scott said, “one can take a break from the ‘hum drum’ of every day life and step into a fantasy…be someone that he/she wouldn’t normally be, and express art through infinite possibilities.” She added in a separate interview, “I’m never afraid to try new things.”


She has a tattoo on her inner arm that reads “Beautiful disaster.” She said fans might not know that “I’m a theatrical HAMMM and have a dark sense of humor…and that I am EXTREMEMLY double jointed…enough said!” Apparently, her hip pops out when she dances because of her double-joints.


Her motto is “Life is short…don’t waste it being afraid of trying new and exciting things.” Her obsessions are vampires and puppies. Amanda Marie Scott also laughs every chance she gets. If she had three wishes, she would ask for “immortality, money and 10,000 acres to house a million animals in need. I’m a sucker for animals!”


Aside from modeling, she likes music, art, dancing, drama, acting and “being AWESOME.” For fun, she lives the typical beach lifestyle. “I love anything relating to being on the water…surfing, fishing, sun bathing…I also love shopping and chilling with my friends and family.”


She loves when a guy scratches her back until she falls asleep. “I’m an easy girl to please.” Amanda Marie Scott said the craziest thing she ever did for a guy was marry him. “Sorry, boys, you can look but can’t touch…I’m 110% taken.” Her turn-offs are arrogance and self-entitlement. 


Amanda Marie Scott resides in St. Petersburg, Florida.

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