Alyson Dudek

Alyson Dudek is an American short track speed skater probably best known for winning Bronze in the 2010 Winter Olympics in the 3000m Women’s Short Track Speedskating Relay. It was the first time the U.S. Women’s team medaled in the sport in 16 years. She recently qualified to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

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Alyson Dudek is a Wisconsin native and made her debut during the 2010 Winter Olympics. She began skating when she was 7. She then joined the West Allis Speed Skating Club. She said, “I was just in awe with the whole thing. I told my mom that’s what I wanted to do. I was seven, I wanted to do everything then. She signed me up for the club, and I fell in love with it.”


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She added, “Short track drew me in because you never know what’s going to happen. It’s non-stop strategy. It’s fun. It’s exhilarating. It’s a lot of excitement the whole race, every race.”


Alyson Dudek got more and more competitive as the years went by. Apparently, she had surgery because she dislocated her shoulder too many times. “I ended up tearing the labrum and bicep tendon…injuries happen very often, unfortunately.”


Alyson Dudek has been a Category 1 short track athlete since 2003, and a Category 1 long track athlete since 2005. She practices “6.5 days a week, 8 hours a day, this IS my full time job.”


She said, “It’s always the goal to win. It’s something I’ve been dreaming about, visualizing and preparing for and that’s what I’m planning on doing.” She added, “The short-track team is a small team to begin with so making it even smaller, it’s definitely a challenge.”


Aside from skating, Alyson Dudek also ran varsity track for four years and was an eight-year fast-pitch softball veteran making the All-Star team ( She attended Divine Savior Holy Angels High School.


She wrote on Twitter: “Learned that I’m a victim of a Target breach. Well jokes on you, larcenist, ‘cause I’m broke.”


Alyson Dudek is also a proud Green Bay Packers fan. She enjoys going to the movies and hanging out with her friends and family. “I enjoy meeting new people and finding the opportunity in new experiences…I always aim high – never settle, always dream, and make it happen.”


When not training, Alyson Dudek studies Mass Communications at the University of Utah.

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