Alyshia Ashlee

Alyshia Ashlee is a model and make-up artist from Canada who has appeared in a variety of magazines and Internet outlets, including Playboy’s Cyber Club.

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Alyshia Ashlee is a mix of French, Irish and Native ancestry. Her body is also 100% natural. Her measurements are 32C-24-34.


Her father was a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and the family moved around “about every 1-2 years” when she was a child.


Alyshia grew up in British Columbia and began modeling at the age of 5 and was one of the faces for “Please Mum,” a kids’ clothing store. As a teen, she entered a modeling competition in Barrie, Ontario and won “Most Photogenic” several times.


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In the past few years, she’s worked with IMAGO, was featured on boudoir prints and was a body paint model for BRAVO body art.


Alyshia Ashlee loves animals – especially cats – astrology and nature. She also believes in karma – you get what you give. Her goal is to become a healthy role model for young women and men. She said the worst thing about modeling is “this industry can have a lot of shady people, so that can be odd.”


Alyshia described herself in five words as ambitious, funny, smart, passionate and determined. If she were stranded on an island, the one thing she couldn’t live without would be sushi.


As to her body, she likes her “booty, it always fills my jeans out just right.” Weirdly, “I hate socks. Seriously, I have an actual hate on. Almost refuse to wear them.”


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If Alyshia ever had a one-night stand with a celebrity, she would choose “Jenna Jameson – I have said it before and I will say it again. She is so confident and has such a bold personality.”


Her turn-ons are confidence, ambition and a man with a sense of humor. Her turn-offs include rude, cocky and controlling people.


As for hobbies, Alyshia Ashlee is big on relaxing. “BBQ’s and a few patio drinks are how I spend my spare time in the summer.”


She loves living in Toronto for its diversity. “I love that the city never sleeps. I hate to be bored and I find the subway system as interesting as a movie. If all else fails, watch people. They are far more interesting.” The craziest place she hooked up with someone was outside of a subway stop.


Alyshia Ashlee resides in Toronto, Canada.

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