Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett is an American model. She is known for her personality and tattoos, as well as extensive photos and videos on her Tumblr and other such social networking sites. 

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Alysha Nett was born on April 4, 1988 in the city of Wichita, Kansas. Raised there as well, she was always interested in modeling growing up. However, even though her mother didn't mind, her father forbade it. As she grew older, she began modeling anyways, especially once the website MySpace started becoming popular and everyone was looking to shoot photos of her. She was also dating a photographer at the time who was showing her the tricks of the trade along the way. To top things off, Alysha was also a hair stylist, which would prove to be a bit of a hassle since she was constantly flying out for photoshoots. Eventually, she decided that enough was enough and moved to Philadelphia, where she had friends in the modeling business and was also closer to New York. She would go on to live in Pennsylvania for two years, racking up quite the following online along the way.


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Social media was a big reason behind Alysha's fame as a model, and not just because of MySpace alone. Once the website Tumblr came around, she started to realize that there were many users reposting pictures of her from her MySpace days and other photoshoots that ended up on the web. She decided to use this to her advantage and started her own Tumblr page, complete with original content. Eventually, she developed quite a following, which has lead to numerous modeling opportunities since. Prior to moving to Los Angeles in 2012, however, she had never been repped by an agency.


Since moving to Los Angeles, Alysha has continued to try and expand her brand, as well as taken the opportunities that came her way to new and exciting places. Along with being a full-time model, she is also the buyer and blogger for Moose Limited, an online streetwear store. Of course, like many in the modeling business, she has many long-term goals outside the industry, including perhaps hosting her own show at some point. Because of her tattoos, however, it has become difficult to convince people that she is actually a sweet girl just looking to get her personality out there one way or another, and not as mean or intimidating as her outer appearance might let on. 

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