Allie Haze

Allie Haze (born Brittany Sturtevant) is an adult actress and model. Her measurements are 34A-26-38. She is sometimes billed as Brittany Joy, and as of this posting has appeared in over 200 adult films. CNBC placed her on its “The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s Most Popular Stars” in 2012 and 2013. She is also the Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2014.

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Some fans may recognize her from her porn parody where she portrayed Princess Leia.


Allie Haze is a mix of Dutch and Hispanic heritage and never watched porn before she got into the adult business. She got into the business in 2009 and initially sought to be a webcam model. The name “Allie” was strategic, so that hers would be first in alphabetical order. “Haze,” apparently is a play on her former fiancé’s last name, Hayes.


Allie Haze would love to “break out and do some mainstream stuff. I don’t think I’ll ever not be involved in porn though because I really do love it, whether it be in front of the camera or behind the camera.”


In high school, Allie Haze only dated girls. And she got into the business because “I wanted to have sex with chicks…I was trying to find ways to play with women because I was a lesbian before I became bisexual. Things went from there.”


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Before she got into the business, she went to school to be a vet assistant. “I'm really into animals.” Although in a separate interview ( she said she was going to college to be a firefighter, but was in a really bad accident. She just ended up being a bartender, instead. Maybe both are true.


She added, “I love camping and fishing and I ride dirt bikes or quads. I just love being outside.”


Allie Haze actually married a preacher when she was 18 and then divorced at 20. “My family was real religious growing up…As I grew up, I just had a different take on life and different thoughts about things. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in God and things like that. I still have a religious part to my life. But I also believe that I should be able to do what I want.” 


A few trivia tidbits: Her favorite sex position is “cowgirls because I like to get my rocks off first.” Her turn-ons for guys are solid arms; her turns-ons for women are soft lips and big, natural boobs. She likes patient, funny and outgoing men. What makes her hot includes "eye contact, grinding, deep kissing and a little choking never hurt anyone."


Her pet peeves are "picking at your skin and crumbs in my bed and smoking inside." Her hobbies include cooking, arts and crafts. Her favorite vacation spots include New York, Hawaii and Lake Havasu.


Allie Haze is currently single and resides in Los Angeles.

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