Alissa Czisny

Alissa Czisny is an American figure skater. She is the 2010 Grand Prix Final Champion, the 2011 Skate American champion and two-time U.S. national champion. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw from competing in 2013 due to an injury, and thus could not qualify to go to the 2014 Olympics.

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Alissa Czisny said, “It’s a tough decision…I’ve given my very best to make a full recovery and a successful comeback to competition, but I’m simply not completely prepared to be competitive. I’ve made great progress, and all the elements are returning, but it’s been slow and I cannot rush the process without risking further injury.”


It was in 2012 that she had an ankle problem and her hip was bothering her but she didn’t know what was wrong. Turns out, she had a torn labrum in her left hip. She doesn’t want to retire, though. She keeps competing. “It’s hard to come to the point where you know you just aren’t good enough. And it’s not that you didn’t try. I tried everything I could. I tried so hard to make it back.”


Alissa Czisny began skating when she was only 1 ½ when her mother started taking skate lessons. She also took ballet lessons for many years to help improve her flexibility and strength. “I believe that ballet training has greatly helped my skating…however, I’ve never been in any ballet performances because most of the ballet lessons I take are tailored to help my skating.”


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Alissa Czisny has a twin sister, who is a former national and international competitor. Her sister, Amber, retired due to injuries and has since become a coach and choreographer.


She attended Bowling Green State University, where she majored in international studies, Russian and French, and graduated summa cum laude in 2009.


Apparently, unlike most skaters, Alissa Czisny spins and jumps clockwise. “When I was younger, my sister and I always practiced our spins together. We would spin for hours, seeing who could hold their spin longer or who could spin faster.”


In 2011, she briefly appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Chrysler and Detroit.


Her favorite skater is Scott Hamilton. Her favorite quote is “Life is not about learning to survive the storm, but rather learning how to dance in the rain.” She is a vegetarian, and would like to learn Japanese.


Her hobbies include biking, rock climbing, dancing, learning new language and reading. Alissa Czisny is currently single.

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