Alice Greczyn

Alice Hannah Meiqui Greczyn (pronounced "Gretchen") was born in Walnut Creek, California, the eldest of five children.

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Greczyn grew up mainly in the Midwest until she landed in Colorado. As a child, she competed in figure skating and was home-schooled. When asked about home-schooling, she said, "I can see both sides of the argument.I've had people ask me about it.for me it has definitely helped a lot. It's made me very adaptable, very flexible, I was always told ever since I was a little girl, 'Oh, you're so mature. You can speak with adults.' I only had adults! And then my siblings. It definitely made me very open minded" (

Graduating early, she took classes at Front Range Community College when she was in her mid-teens with the intention of becoming a nurse or paramedic. But when Greczyn discovered she had to be 18 to take Colorado's nursing test, she tried modeling.

A Los Angeles manager came to her Denver agency and requested she come out for pilot season. Out of 300 aspiring actress, Alice Greczyn was one of the three invited to LA and she booked a commercial. She subsequently moved to California.


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Alice's biggest obstacle was "finding a place to live in Los Angeles.I had roommates and some of them just did not go well, and it's very expensive to live here.Auditioning is hard too " it's exhausting."

Alice Greczyn began her acting career with a role in the film "Sleepover." Other roles followed, including appearances in "Quintuplets," "Windfall," "Lincoln Heights," "Privileged," and "The Lying Game" among others.

During Alice Greczyn's time off, she likes to travel and her passion is cooking and exploring other cultures. Said Greczyn, "Everyone who knows me knows I love food, which people are usually very surprised to hear. My family loves food, so I grew up with a very healthy appreciated for other's culture's cuisines. I chose the [Twitter] handle AliceFood, mostly because it wasn't taken. Other people were pretending to be me on Twitter, so when I finally decided to make my own Twitter, that's just what stuck" ( Alice is also in the process of writing a cookbook. "One of the biggest things I'll do is tweet pictures of what I'm eating, and the iPhone makes it so easy to pretend I'm a good photographer."

Her beauty stems from a mix of French, Japanese, Polish, Chinese, Korean, among others.

In 2011, Greczyn modeled for Victoria Beckham's denim and eyewear line. Greczyn got the job when she attended a Malibu beach barbecue and Mrs. Beckham spotted her lounging on the deck in a bikini. Said Victoria Beckham, "I loved finding Alice " a young, fresh talent." Said Alice, "It reminds me how funny living in LA can be" ( Alice Greczyn lives in Hollywood, California.

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