Alexa Aimes

Alexa Aimes describes herself way better than we ever could: "Retired Porn Star. Compulsive Degenerate. Suffers from Weirdo Fever. Humanitarian. Professional Smarty Pants. Lewd Comedian. On air personality. Head Turner. Wanderlust. Adrenaline Junkie. Entrepreneur. Jekyll and Hyde or Alexa and Raven."

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Not just a pretty face, Alexa Aimes attended the University of California, Davis, where she graduated with honors and received a BSN Degree with a double major in physiology and micro-biology. Her academic record is even more impressive when you realize she grew up as a ward of the state and became emancipated at 16.


Before she got into the skin biz, she worked as a nurse, at a temp agency and a loss and litigation specialist. As for porn, she said, "It's a job, it's a fun job, it's an awesome job." She also shared that she is a squirter. Her breasts are a size 32F, which she admitted were implants.


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As far as guys sending her pictures of their genitals, she said, "I don't mind sitting on a d*ck, but I don't enjoy looking at pictures of them."


In high school, Alexa Aimes said she was a freak. “I actually got expelled from school for being promiscuous. I got narc-ed on. I was f*cking all over the place. We were put on earth to f*ck so why be ashamed of it. And if you’re good at something, flaunt it.”


Alexa Aimes has since retired from porn and is currently working on a stand-up comedy routine. 

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