Aimee Garcia

Aimee Garcia is an actress probably best known for her roles on “The George Lopez Show” and “Dexter.” She was born and raised in Chicago, and she got into showbiz when she was 7 as a professional dancer in “Cinderella.” By the time she was 12, she was dancing 20 shows a month as “Clara” in “The Nutcracker.” 

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Aimee Garcia shared her philosophy of life on Twitter as “no regrets.” She is a beautiful blend of Mexican and Puerto Rican ancestry.


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She broke into acting by doing commercials with Michael Jordan and Sammy Sosa when she was a kid. She later attended Northwestern University, where her acting gigs helped pay for her tuition. She graduated with a triple major in Economics, Journalism and French. After graduation, she moved to Brooklyn and worked in finance. “I thought, ‘This sucks! I’m going back to what I did before.’ It’s like dating a guy you love. You have to date other guys and then you come back and hope that he takes you back. Thankfully acting did.” She subsequently moved to Los Angeles, where she appeared in a variety of pilots.


But her big break was as George Lopez’s niece on “The George Lopez Show.” Aimee Garcia has also appeared in “RoboCop,” “Trauma” and “Off the Map,” among other projects.


As for her sex scene in “Dexter,” she said, “It’s very technical. The last thing you’re thinking about is the other person. He’s thinking about if his spray tan looks good, I’m thinking about if my butt looks tight.”


Aimee Garcia shared that she would love to be a producer. If she could have a drink with anyone, she said, “Richard Branson because I think he’s amazing, entrepreneurial and a visionary. I’d love to have a drink with Gandhi, just to ask him how he overthrew an entire government without a single weapon. As far as women, I would say Oprah. Talk about a self-made rag-to-riches educated woman!”


Aside from acting, she likes to travel and go shopping for antiques. Her secret favorite job is working as a journalist. Aimee Garcia currently resides in Los Angeles and she is single.

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