Aimee Fuller

Aimee Fuller is a British snowboarder. She is set to compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. “It’s so sick that slopestyle is going to be in the Olympics.” She added, “I aim myself to dream to get a bit of bling.”

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Her nickname is Aimz. She began skiing when she was four as her local dry slope in Kent. She began snowboarding when she was 12, and got really turned onto it when she was 15. She focuses most on slopestyle because she really enjoys the variety “and the different challenge each course brings. No course is ever the same so it always stays fresh.”


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Aimee Fuller used to compete in motocross as a kid, which she believes helped her develop a fearless attitude. “We would go to these meets and it would be me, blonde ponytail out the back of my helmet and 30 other guys lining up at the start.” She stopped when she was eight and had a bad accident. “That scared my mum to death. She didn’t really like me doing it anyway.”


Aimee Fuller also spent two years doing gymnastics, but found snowboarding much more fun. “I did not like being stuck in one hall doing serious routines and having my hair slicked back. It was too regimented for me. I like the big adrenaline rush of going fast.”


She has attended the University of Bath, England. She has been competing since 2007, though she was hampered by a heel injury during the 2011/12 season.


Her ritual, she said, is “music is the key in the morning, to get amped up. The night before a competition I always sleep in my contest bib and wear my lucky socks.”


About her sport, Aimee Fuller said, “I do the sport because I love it. I get a huge adrenaline rush from learning new tricks. I think if you are ever in doubt, you need to step back and question why you are really in the game. You have got to be in it for the right reasons.” In a separate interview, she said, “Honestly, I never thought this could be my life. I always thought I could be maybe a PE teacher or an air hostess.”


She admitted, “I get nervous when I don’t land the first time because if you get the first one wrong, you only get more chance, and if you get that one wrong, you’re out…it happens so quickly.”


Her normal day consists of going to the gym, hanging out with friends and “if there is swell head up to the North coast to surf at Portrush, we have a sick little surf scene in Northern Ireland.”


Aimee Fuller enjoys surfing, skating, motocross, and photography. She is currently single and resides in Northern Ireland.

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