There’s A New, Very Revealing, Teaser For Batman V Superman

A brand new teaser for DC’s upcoming attempt at starting a Marvel-esque cinematic universe, Batman V Superman, has just dropped online, first airing during an episode of Batman prequel TV show Gotham overnight, and it reveals that (SPOILER) Batman is actually Ben Affleck.

Hooooooly shit you guys talk about an M. Night Shamayalan twist? Here I was thinking it was Christian Bale this whole time like a sucker.

Anyway, check out the new short teaster, which features previously unseen footage of Supes menacingly ripping of Batty Boy’s mask in some sort of torture chamber, below. It’s a lead in for another fuller-length trailer dropping during Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show this Wednesday night.


Batman V Superman comes to cinemas March 25, 2016.