What To Watch On Aussie TVs This Spring (Part Two)

Whilst our northern hemisphere chums settle in to Autumnal weather (not calling it Fall, never calling it Fall) by cuddling up to their various screens and witnessing the best new and returning television, we lucky antipodeans get to do the same, but in shorts and t-shirts.

Is it the superior way to enjoy brand spanking new TV? Categorically, yes.

Thanks to this newfangled internet thing and the commercial networks fast-tracking US shows ASAP, Australia has all too many options to gobble up some hot new televish, so to help you out, we’ve come up with this handy guide to the best new and returning shows this Spring.



Already hailed in the States for not only it’s use of an Indian-American actress as its lead, but for it’s gritty imagining of a new terrorist attack on US soil, Quantico is looking to be one of the new shows that everyone will be talking about. Starring Priyanka Chopra as a special agent recently graduated from the notoriously difficult Quantico, the show deals with some super salient topics such as national identity, religion and war and doesn’t shy away from taking some chunky bites into the discourse.

Quantico airs Sundays on Channel 7, starting this October 11th.

South Park

Nineteen seasons deep and South Park continues to be one of the most subversive and hilarious shows on TV, never afraid of tackling the most PC issues head on, with often scathing and gruesome treatments. The new season premieres this week and sees the concept of PC itself tackled, as South Park Elementary School gets a new social justice warrior principal. Expect Cartman to, as usual, not be down with being censored by THE MAN.

South Park airs on SBS 2 9.30pm Sundays, starting October 11th.

The Walking Dead

One of THE most-hyped returning shows of the season is easily zombie survival drama The Walking Dead. Seemingly safe at the end of last season in the walled town of Alexandria, shit’s not gonna stay quiet with the crew for long (if the many exploding zombie heads of the trailer is anything to go by at least) with tensions inside and out of the supposed oasis city or survivors heading to boiling point. As long as Michonne gets to use her samurai sword a whole bunch, I’ll be happy TBH.

The Walking Dead airs on Foxtel’s FX channel 1:30pm Mondays starting October 12.


Blindspots unique premise is unravelled in the opening scenes (below) with a mysterious bag left in Times Square revealing an unconscious brunette, covered in strange tattoos. The woman, nicknamed Jane Doe, has no memory of her past and teaming up the FBI she realises her tattoos have information of future crimes hidded inside. So kinda like Christopher Nolan’s Memento, but sexier and with less flashbacks? You betcha.

Blindspot airs Sundays on Channel 7 starting October 18th.

Googlebox Australia

To be honest, when I first heard we were getting a local version of the reality show which LITERALLY watches people watching TV, I scoffed. How could anyone find such a banal activity enjoyable, right? Yeah, I was super wrong, as this show was not only a surprise hit but had yours truly as a weekly viewer. Like any reality show Googlebox relies heavily on its casting and luckily for them, the broad range of real-life Aussies they’ve snagged are pure gold. Trust me on this one, guys, it’s a winner.

Googlebox airs on Channel Ten Thursdays at 8.30pm.