Miley Cyrus Goes Undercover As Australian, Motorboats Random Dude

Miley Cyrus is set to host the incredibly meaningful, and not at all inane display of commercialism’s insidious effect on the music industry, The 2015 MTV Music Video Awards, this weekend and to promote her three hour stint of sticking out her tongue and thrusting, has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel for an edition of I Witness News.

Taking on the guise of an Australian reporter from Perth (why Perth though I have no idea, nobody’s from Perth…) named Janet, Cyrus asked strangers in Hollywood their opinions on… well herself.

From some bro in a hockey (?) jersey to a couple of teen girls (who really should have recognised her under that abysmal wig imho) Miley gets a range of opinions including, “I think she lost her mind,” and “I just like Taylor Swift better.”

To finish things off in true Miley style, Cyrus gives one of her victims, who is beginning to see through the charade, a solid squiz of her chesticles up close. Never change Miley.