Aussie Radio Duo Tell Wife Her Husband Uses Ashley Madison Live On Air

Continuing Australian radio’s deplorable run of on-air stunts mining the realms of questionable morals, Nova radio station hosts Fitzy and Wippa revealed to a woman live on their breakfast show this morning that her husband has an Ashley Madison account and it went down pretty much exactly how you’d expect.

In the wake of the Ashley Madison hack, where millions of the infidelity match-making site’s users data was leaked,  Fitzy and Wippa thought it’d be a super fun idea to plug people’s partners names into a search of the leaked account names and inform the suspicious spouse whether they showed up or not.

Caller Jo (not her real name) had her fears somewhat confirmed when the duo revealed that her husband’s name had indeed showed up in the Ashley Madison account leak, leading to a hideously awkward pause before she spouts: “Are you freaking kidding me? These websites are disgusting…” before abruptly hanging up and leaving the hosts feeling appropriately like garbage.

“I don’t know if we should have done that. That hasn’t left me with a good feeling. What a horrible situation to be in,” says Wippa after the hang-up, with Fitzy chiming in with, “Jo’s rung us!” in an attempt to pass the blame on to the upset wife and mother of two children.

Sick one, lads!

You can listen to the cringeworthy incident below, we’ll be over here listening to triple j forever.