Hulk Hogan is Being Trolled by UK Twitter Users and He Won’t Stop Falling For It


Someone really needs to separate Hulk Hogan from his Twitter account, as the former WWE Hall of Famer is seemingly incapable of not embarrassing himself on the social networking site.

Following the reports that Hogan had used racial slurs in an audio tape obtained by Gawker, all references to the wrestling legend were promptly removed from the WWE’s official site, including his page in their Hall of Fame gallery. Hogan apologized for his actions on Twitter, though he hasn’t exactly maintained a dignified silence since that apology, instead deciding that it would be best to retweet messages of support from his followers. The bad news is that the majority of these messages of support come from UK Twitter users, who are using the platform to mock Hogan by sending him tweets in which they claim to be famous footballers.

Case in point, this photo of former England international Rio Ferdinand and rapper Drake, which was retweeted by the Hulkster:

Or this image of Arsenal’s Danny Welbeck and Jack Wilshere, which was also retweeted by Hogan:

Then there’s this image of UK glamour model Katie Price and her son, to which Hogan replied: “Happy bday big man,take care of your beautiful mom my brother only love HH”.

And that’s not even all of them. In fact, pretty much every retweet on Hogan’s Twitter timeline since the news of his racist rant broke has consisted of UK Twitter users mocking him, and those who believe Hogan is blindly retweeting support without really paying much attention should consider that in the majority of these cases, Hogan is actually replying to these tweets. 

If you’re on the receiving end of a career-ending scandal such as the one Hogan is currently facing, you’d probably think very carefully about your actions. Not Hogan, though. He’s instead decided to continue to embarrass himself for all the world to see, which is an interesting career move, but one that will ultimately fail to herald any positive results.

Photo Credit: Credit: Alex B. Huckle / Stringer / Getty Images