David Beckham Hands Over $100,000 Cheque to Struggling Family


David Beckham seems like a pretty nice guy, so when you read the headline “David Beckham Hands Over $100,000 Cheque to Struggling Family,” you’d probably assume that it came from out his own pocket. BUT THAT’S WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO BELIEVE!

Dastardly David Beckham merely presented a cheque to a family on behalf of the new FOX TV show ‘Knock Knock Live’, presented by the omnipresent humanoid Ryan Seacrest, but the retired footballer still got all the hugs and the “thank you’s” from the Gonzalez family that should have been reserved for those who coughed up for the show’s budget.

Instead, Beckham took the glory and handed over the cheque, then basked in their joyous tears. It’s similar to that time when he announced he’d be donating all of his PSG wages to charity, and everyone went “aww” but I curmudgeonly sat in the background and pondered that, yes, while it was certainly a nice gesture on his behalf, he didn’t particularly have to go and make a song and dance about it. He could have just handed over the money rather than treating charitable giving like a big PR move.


This time it’s even worse, though, because none of this money is actually his – he’s essentially just handed some people a piece of card, and is now on the receiving end of headline stories such the one you’re reading right now, which at first glance seems to suggest that Beckham is wandering down the street and handing big, fat cheques to strangers. 

Still, it’s nice to see people be happy, and the Gonzalez family certainly seem overwhelmed by Beckham’s the Spring Corporation’s gesture, with it helping the cash-strapped family to get back on their feet.

Watch the video below: