Aussie Politician Jacqui Lambie Confuses Everyone With Obama-Style Picture

Images: Twitter / Wikimedia

Images: Twitter / Wikimedia


US President Barack Obama‘s famed “Hope” poster has seen its fair share of “dope”, “nope” and even “pope” parodies, but now Australian Senator for Tasmania Jacqui Lambie has made herself in Obama’s image, with a new and not-so-well-edited version of his poster, complete with the word “trust”.

As Mashable reports, Lambie’s Obama-esque image has appeared as the header photo on a new press release, and has spread on social media.

In releasing the photo in the style of Obama, a Democrat, Lambie — an outspoken conservative who has strong views on topics like Sharia law and same-sex marriage — has confused just about everyone.

Shepard Fairey, the designer of the original Obama “hope” poster, is yet to publicly comment on Lambie’s fresh take, but we’re sure he’d be just as confused as we are. Lambie’s office is also yet to comment on the image.

Earlier this month, Lambie also confused everyone by releasing a strange and (once again) badly-edited video rant directed at Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce. Catch that very video alongside her Obama-inspired “trust” photo, below.