Are You Ready For The Walking Dead Beer?

The Walking Dead Terrapin Beer

Within the world of The Walking Dead, most of the main characters could probably use a good beer to forget the inherent problems of a zombie apocalypse. And now there’s an official beer for The Walking Dead!

Terrapin Beer Co. and The Walking Dead have announced a new Walking Dead official beer that is described as “a bloodthirsty Red IPA made with blood orange peel and a horrific amount of hops.” Terrapin even zombified its signature turtle in the artwork provided above, which seems to be more in line with The Walking Dead comic book series than the TV show on AMC.

On The Walking Dead homepage, the following statement was made: “News of this may have leaked out a little bit early yesterday, but today we are proud to announce that we are, indeed, making a beer with brewers Terrapin Beer Co.! Located not far from Atlanta in Athens, GA, Terrapin focuses on making unique beers that they weren’t seeing in the southeast. They have a really awesome year-round offering as well as the occasional seasonal beer and side-projects. They definitely know how to have fun and make an awesome beer, so why not work together?!”

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There’s no release date currently announced for The Walking Dead’s official beer, but with the spinoff/companion/prequel series, Fear The Walking Dead coming next month and The Walking Dead Season 6 coming in October, there’s a big release window for Terrapin Beer to capitalize on.

Walking Dead fans, will you try the official beer? Or will you wait for Daryl to crush a few back first? Let us know in the comment section below!