Fabian Delph is Already Injured After Controversial Man City Transfer


Fabian Delph was injured just 17 minutes into his Manchester City debut, with him having to be stretchered off the pitch during the first half of his new club’s match against Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup final.

Delph, who transferred to Man City under controversial circumstances having previously pledged his allegiance to Aston Villa for the coming season, will likely have made a lot of Villa fans’ days with the image of him lying on the grass, medical staff attending to what appears to be a pulled hamstring. While City eventually lost the match 4-1 and were thoroughly dismantled by their opposition, Delph was forced to the majority out of the final out.

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Now Aston Villa fans are taking to social media to express their delight at Delph’s misfortune, with his move to Man City being arguably the biggest talking point for the club during this transfer season. While transfers are almost always treated with an element of disdain on behalf of fans who, for some baffling reason, forget that these footballers are doing jobs and of course they’d want to move to a different club if they were offered higher wages/better prospects because that’s how jobs work, Delph handled his particularly badly.

Case in point, the following awkward video:

His decision to feign loyalty to Aston Villa before departing to Man City was a highly questionable one, but that Villa fans put their faith in him was equally as questionable because, let’s face it, the majority of us wouldn’t trust a professional footballer with a pair of scissors.

But Villa fans are nonetheless over the moon that Delph may have to spend a portion of his season for Man City on the sidelines, while they continue ahead with a team that is now missing two of its most vital players, following Benteke’s move to Liverpool.

Photo: Sky Sports