Rumour that Cristiano Ronaldo Will Return to Manchester United is Being Circulated Again


Another transfer window, another rumour that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid and return to Manchester United.

Not a year goes by where this rumour doesn’t rear its head, and at this point it’s become a small tradition that we read the various “reports,” scoff at them and then consider that, despite his proclamation that Man U was his first footballing love, he’s probably never going to return to the Premier League again until he’s close to retirement.

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But what if we don’t report upon the speculation that Man U are looking to lure Ronaldo back into their team with a record-breaking deal, and it turns out that this time it’s actually true? What if manager Louis van Gaal really has managed to lure the winger away from Real Madrid, despite him having already signed a contract with the La Liga club that lasts until 2018? What if, when Ronaldo signed that contract, he did so because he thought it would be “a bit of a laugh,” and not because he had any intention of staying in Spain?


It’s highly unlikely that Ronaldo will be moving to Man U at any point in the near future, but some day he will move back and it’ll be a case of the Boy Who Cried Wolf, except the boy in this instance is tabloid newspapers, and the villagers are those of us in the encircling media who have had enough of their bullshit. But just in case Ronaldo ever does return to England, we must keep mentioning the possibility that it could happen, and who knows, maybe this is the year that he’s decided to up sticks and leave.

The only evidence supporting this theory thus far is the claim that he has fallen out with Madrid manager Rafa Benitez, an allegation which in itself is only backed up by a video depicting Ronaldo swearing in training, which is apparently a surefire sign that he is no longer happy at his current club and that he wants to leave ASAP. Of course, every year we are told that Ronaldo is “not happy” about something in Spain, which therefore somehow means that the only logical course of action is for him to come sprinting back to England.

So no, it’s not likely that Ronaldo will return to Man U, but yes, we feel that it’s likely that the one year we don’t report upon these rumours will be the year that he actually does make a comeback. We’re not taking that chance.

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