Chris Froome Accused of Using an Engine in the Tour de France 2015


Cyclist Chris Froome has found himself on the receiving end of a rather bizarre allegation, with the Tour de France 2015 frontrunner having been accused of “mechanical doping,” otherwise known as covertly inserting a small engine into his bicycle.

The claim was made by physiologist Pierre Sallet on Radio 5 Live, saying: “I don’t say Froome is a doping athlete. If we have more detail, we can easily say it is a unique profile or doping. It could be a unique profile, classical doping — using haematological drugs, like EPO — or mechanical doping which is using a motor in your bike. People need to know.”

The Kenyan-born racer is representing Britain in the competition, though allegations of doping have followed him throughout the event, even after Team Sky released proof clearing him of the claims on Tuesday. “I’d imagine it’s going to be never-ending,” Froome said of the continued claims from among those in the French media.

Listen to the full interview with Mr. Sallet below:

Sallet insisted that Froome was not the target of the French media because of his nationality, but rather because he was assuming the yellow jersey, adding: “If the yellow jersey was a French athlete, we would put in the same energy.

“It’s not against Froome. We want to understand.”

[Via PR Week]