Sepp Blatter Storms Out of FIFA Conference After Being Showered in Cash


Turtle-faced human ballbag Sepp Blatter was forced to make a dramatic exit during a FIFA press conference today after comedian Simon Brodkin, best known for his character Lee Nelson, stormed the stage and threw a wad of (fake) dollar bills at him.

The FIFA president asked “where is my security?” while Brodkin stood in front of the stage and addressed the audience, before the comedian threw the notes at Blatter as he was escorted away by security, telling the 79-year-old: “This is for North Korea in 2026.”

Watch the video below:

While Brodkin is the lowest common denominator in terms of comedy, with his whole shtick essentially revolving around him talking in a funny voice whilst making a nuisance of himself around famous people (see: his brutally unfunny stage invasion where he interrupted Kanye West’s headline performance, or that one time he crashed the X Factor), he may have hit his comedy zenith with this stunt.

For my money, this is the first time Brodkin has exhibited the capability to actually be funny, and while it didn’t exactly illicit an intense belly launch from me, it did inspire a reasonable chuckle. That may be more to do with it being enjoyable to watch Sepp Blatter squirm than Brodkin’s comedic prowess, but honestly he could switch the focus of his career to following Blatter around and throwing shit at him now, and I’d probably pay to go see him live.

So well done, Brodkin. Your stand-up routines and your shows are awful, but Sepp Blatter is even worse, so you win today.

Photo: Getty Images