Brand New Shenmue 3 Trailer Released Highlighting Unreal Engine 4 Visuals


A brand new teaser trailer for Shenmue 3 has been released, revealing 30 seconds of what appears to be in-game graphics rendered using the Unreal Engine 4.

The trailer, titled ‘Lake of the Lantern Bugs,’ depicts series protagonist Ryo and Shenhua standing by a lakeside. There’s not much to it, but at this point any footage of Shenmue 3 is newsworthy considering that the majority of us still can’t believe that Shenmue 3 is actually happening.

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Watch the trailer below:

The best bit is the camera zooming in on Shenhua’s buttocks for no particular reason around the 10 second mark.

Shenmue 3 has now raised over $4.9 million on Kickstarter after its crowdfunding campaign was revealed during Sony’s E3 2015 press conference. The Kickstarter is set to conclude on July 18th, with the game being given a tentative release window of December 2017.