Comic-Con 2015: Bruce Campbell on Ash vs Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell is a Comic-Con fan favorite no matter what he’s there to promote. But this year, Campbell returned to San Diego Comic-Con International as the star of Ash vs Evil Dead, a new series on STARZ that serves as a sequel to the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films.

CraveOnline caught up with Campbell at Comic-Con to get his take on what’s happening in the series, his take on Lucy Lawless’ character, Ruby, and Ash’s new sidekicks. Campbell also let’s us know if we should expect any Army of Darkness callbacks and offers an Ash vs Evil Dead pitch for anyone who hasn’t seen the original movies!

Bruce Campbell Comic-Con 

Ash vs Evil Dead reunites Bruce Campbell with Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert for a ten episode sequel series to the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness films. After 20 years, Campbell is reprising his role as Ash Williams, the “Chosen One” who has squandered his life as a stock boy and avoided all responsibility.

With the return of the Deadites, Ash must reluctantly rejoin the fight against evil alongside his new sidekicks, Pablo Simon Bolivar (Ray Santiago) and Kelly Maxwell (Dana Delorenzo). Lucy Lawless costars as an enigmatic woman named Ruby, while Jill Marie Jones plays disgraced Michigan State Trooper Amanda Fisher, a woman with her own grudge against Ash.

Ash vs Evil Dead will premiere on October 31 on STARZ.


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