A Naked Man Defecated in Someone Else’s Tent at T In The Park 2015


T in the Park certainly sounded eventful this year, in an “I’m incredibly glad I wasn’t there” kind of way. Alongside a video of a man being bottled during the festival, an image of a naked guy holding a conversation with his fellow festival-goers, after reportedly having defecated on a tent and then smeared himself in his own excrement, is doing the rounds online.

The photo of the unnamed man, who is presumably experiencing the worst kind of comedown right now, was posted by an attendee at the Scottish festival.

According to the photo taker, the man “fell over someone’s tent then ran away,” but not before he “wiped his arse [using] his hands then wiped it on his chest.” 

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But as far as festival lowlights go, having a man relieve himself in your tent pales in comparison to being bottled by a group of morons wearing bucket hats. Police in Scotland are now investigating the below video, which depicts a young man in a blue jacket smashing a bottle over the head of another guy, who staggers backwards whilst holding his face:

But that wasn’t the only eventful thing to happen during the festival outside of its musical performances; a man was also packed into a tent bag by his friends, causing him to contact the festival in order to gain some assistance.

Fortunately Scott eventually managed to find his way out of the tent bag, tweeting the following:

So all-in-all it sounds like an eventful, if relatively off-putting year for the festival. But regardless of the controversies emanating from it, there’s one thing for certain: We’d rather watch a guy shitting in a tent than Rudimental.