Watch Bryan Cranston Troll A ‘Breaking Bad’ Fan, Drop The Mic In Celebration

Image: YouTube / goggo980

Image: YouTube / goggo980


Bryan Cranston has trolled a young Breaking Bad fan and dropped the mic in celebration, proving that a helluva lot of the badass-ness of his character Walter White has definitely rubbed off onto the man himself.

Cranston took part in a Q&A session at San Diego’s Comic-Con event earlier this week, and used the opportunity to troll a young male fan after he asked him a question about Albuquerque, where parts of Breaking Bad were filmed.

In the footage below, Cranston’s fan asks if he enjoyed his time off in Albuquerque when he had time off from recording the show, and Cranston replies with a superbly-timed ‘your mamma’ joke and proceeds to drop the mic to solidify his god-like stature.

The questioner, who is to now be known as “Albuquerque Guy”, was clearly super-excited to ask Cranston his question, and is probably still running cold water over his burn.

Watch Cranston troll/own/destroy Albuquerque Guy, below.