These Miss USA Pageant Answers Will Make You Shake Your Damn Head


The struggle is real once again, at the yearly Donald Trump-devised Miss USA pageant which brings us some more cringe-worthy moments of gorgeous woman trying ever so hard to get some proper semi-logical thoughts out, whilst continuing to dazzle us with their perfect smiles.

The event, which in the past has brought such whoppers as Miss Teen South Carolina’s “U.S. Americans are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps”, had it’s 2015 edition take place over the weekend with Miss Rhode Island and Miss Nevada new front-runners in the “WTF did she just say” stakes.

 Miss Rhode Island was the first to cause nation-wide head-scratching, taking on the question, twice, mind you, of whether or not political correctness has it’s place in society.

Look, I suppose “a balance of both” isn’t entirely incorrect of a statement, but the follow-up referencing politicians telling us what to do was definitely a “Whaaaaaa?” moment from the poor deer-in-headlight.

Arguably taking on a much riskier curve-ball, Miss Nevada took to the plate to answer “How do we fix racism?” (pretty much.)

“Get more racist groups together” is a pretty bad idea imho. Personally we should keep them all separate, lest this gathering of like-minded idiots start sharing ideas.

To be utterly honest though, I’m not sure how much better I’d fare if presented with these questions, with the pressure of being in front of millions of eyeballs and after having not eaten properly for a week to fit into my shimmery, blue ballgown dress.

That second question in particular seems like it’s almost devised purely to make the young woman stumble endlessly into unfortunate internet stardom. “What would you do to improve race relations in the US” is the kind of question you’d offer a learned professor at a race relations summit, not hurl willy-nilly at a beauty pageant contestant. 

Then again, it is an event run by Donald Trump, so, what do you expect?