Comic-Con 2015: Crave Hosts ‘Can You Outfox The Geek?’

Crave continues to rock Comic-Con 2015 to its very foundations, and it demolished the place on Friday, July 10th. Not only did Crave blast the U.S.S. Midway out of the water with their epic party event and concert Crave Escape, but film critic William Bibbiani also did the complete rounds, arguing the merits of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot and Batman Returns at the Rotten Tomatoes panel “Your Opinion Sucks!” and also hosting the 20th Century Fox game show “Can You Outfox the Geek” on the convention floor.

William Bibbiani took the stage for multiple rounds of the game show, testing the movie knowledge of film fans in the audience, giving away free movies and adding his own inimitable flourish the proceedings. Bibbiani threw in more obscure trivia than fans were expecting, and introduced over one dozen contestants as “an accountant from Birmingham, CA who collects locks of celebrity hair.”

William Bibbiani Comic-Con Fox Entertainment Can You Outfox the Geek

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Check out a short clip of Bibbiani hosting “Can You Outfox the Geek” above, featuring one of the easiest questions possible and a joke about Franco Nero (of all people), and keep coming back to Crave for more ongoing coverage and events from Comic-Con 2015!