Comic-Con 2015: Will John Wesley Shipp Return As The Flash?

The Flash John Wesley ShippJohn Wesley Shipp was Barry Allen, a.k.a. The Flash, in the original live-action television series in 1990. Nowadays, he plays Henry Allen, the father of The Flash in the popular new series on The CW. In fact, several cast members from the classic TV show have made appearances on the new The Flash series, leading many fans to speculate that perhaps – just perhaps – a crossover could happen at some point in the future, during a visit to an alternate reality.

Crave spoke to John Wesley Shipp at Comic-Con 2015 to see what he thinks of the idea, and he says he’s willing to do whatever the showrunners ask of him in the new series. There’s just one problem according to Shipp: “The suit. I have still have nightmares about the suit. It comes with the territory.”

“It was just so hot,” Shipp continued. “I would be in it for 20 minutes and I’d take the gloves off and they’d be filled up to the wrists with water. They’d just pour the water out. They didn’t breathe and it was just so hot. That’s the main [thing]. They couldn’t clean them so they just hung them in my trailer, they’d just spray them with Lysol. They’d still be wet and sticky the next day when I put them on.”

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So basically, he’d just need a new suit, and John Wesley Shipp would be good to go in a crossover episode of The Flash. Now if the showrunners could actually get ON that, we’d be getting somewhere. 


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