Kid Goes Nuts After Winning an Xbox One at Comic-Con 2015


You’ve just a won a hotly contested tournament at Comic-Con 2015. You stand next to the tournament’s presenter as she reveals your prize, before discovering that it’s a brand new Xbox One. You’d be excited, right? Well, you undoubtedly wouldn’t be as excited as this kid, because holy shit is he happy about winning Microsoft’s latest console. I mean, I know the Xbox One is a great console and all, but calm down, kid! You’re going to give yourself blood pressure problems before you’ve even hit 18!

I’d probably jump for joy if I’d won top prize in this competition even though I already own an Xbox One, because being handed $350 to do with as I please would be a pretty swell start to my Comic-Con experience. But this kid gets a little too excited, if you know what I mean. He looks like he could pop at any minute.

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Check out his crazy response to being awarded the console:

He looks like he’s going to burst a blood vessel out of sheer excitement! 

It’s hard not to feel elated for him, and Microsoft must be feeling pretty great with themselves, too, because this kid’s jubilant reaction to being handed an Xbox One is great PR for their console. Everyone’s a winner!