David Beckham Expertly Catches Tennis Ball During Wimbledon Match


David Beckham is a pretty cool guy, and he’s probably the only man that your girlfriend, sister and mother all agree that they fancy. He’s like the default character in a video game that lets you choose your character’s appearance: handsome and inoffensive.

Being a pretty cool guy, Beckham successfully managed to do a pretty cool thing whilst watching a match at Wimbledon. During a doubles contest a rogue ball flew into the crowd, only to be plucked out of the air by the former England international. It’s not exactly earth-shattering news, but for anyone who woke up today asking themselves “is David Beckham still cool?” then this video will help inform them that yes, he is.

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Watch the video below:


Pretty impressive, no?

But when we’ve all stopped marveling at Beckham, we should take a moment to consider how shitty it must feel to be one of the tennis players involved in this match, knowing that their performance is going to be overshadowed by a retire footballer catching a ball. All that hard work and training, and the only reason you make it only a highlight reel is because this big shot in a suit managed to catch a ball while you’re running around sweating your testes off. 

I bet they don’t think Beckham’s cool. I bet they think that Beckham sucks.

Photo: Getty Images