Watch 18 Minutes of Mind-Blowing No Man’s Sky Gameplay


No Man’s Sky had a pretty disappointing showing at this year’s E3, with its on-stage demonstration seemingly indicating how its almost incomprehensibly massive world could lead to players aimlessly ambling around its planets, not doing anything of note. However, this new 18-minute uninterrupted gameplay video from IGN showcases the various activities in the game that you can lose yourself in, shooting it right back up to the very top of our wish list.

The video sees developer Hello Games’ founder Sean Murray taking IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey through a brief tour of the game’s expansive universe, both from inside the cockpit of a spaceship and on-foot on one of the game’s many planets.

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We’ve known about the game’s astounding scale for quite some time now, but it’s even more impressive in action. Watching Murray seamlessly jump from exploring a planet’s wildlife to hurtling around its surrounding solar system in a rocket, then taking off into the outer reaches of its galaxy is incredible. 

Oh, and we now know that there’s an “end game” of sorts, too. Throughout the game players will be collecting resources that will help them travel to the center of the galaxy, and while Murray says that reaching this point is where many will want to hang up the controller, he also reveals that there is plenty to do after this is achieved, too.

Watch the video below: