Comic-Con 2015: The Top 5 Panels Outside Hall H

If you’ve never actually been to Comic-Con, you might be forgiven for thinking the entire thing happens in Hall H, the legendary venue where all the biggest movie and television news and exclusive footage premieres every single year. But you would be very, very wrong. Comic-Con has tons of panels that are only “small” in comparison to Hall H, and its cousin Ballroom 20.

So since you probably can’t get into Hall H anyway (trust us, we’ve tried), every year Crave likes to run down our picks for some of the best and most interesting panels going on outside the main hall. Some of them are strange, some of them are serious, and all of them could very easily turn into the best thing you did at Comic-Con this year.


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So sit back and watch your host William Bibbiani run down our picks for The Top 5 Comic-Con Panels Outside Hall H! You’ll be treated to horror movies, costume parties, sock puppets and a heck of a lot more in the latest installment of our Countdown to Comic-Con

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